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Media Release

Foreign Minister Kubuabola meets Abu Dhabi Development Fund Officials

16th May, 2012: Fiji’s Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Minister, Ratu Inoke Kubuabola, during his visit in Abu Dhabi, also met with Ms Fawzela Hamad Al Mubarak, Director Investment Department and officials from the Abu Dhabi Development Fund to follow up on a submission made by Government on a two-year Rural Electrification Project (REP), which had been selected by the Fund. This expected to cost around FJ$9.5 million.
The project will cover the mainland of Viti Levu and Vanua Levu where the potential for grid connected rural electrification exists.
The Fijian Government sees the provision of electricity in the rural areas as having the potential to set a new dimension to initiating or enhancing services such as medical, telecommunication, education and other important social components.
“More than 200 communities (6000 households or more than 20,000 people) stand to benefit from the above projects. Electricity brings to a community a new rhythm of life,” said Mr. Kubuabola.
Mr. Kubuabola added that the opportunities for the rural people to participate productively in the development of their own households and community as a whole are enhanced with the availability of electricity. The old kerosene lanterns and benzene lamps are replaced with brighter electric lights.
“Surplus food can be preserved in a refrigerator; the use of electric iron, stove and culinary appliances will ease the work load on rural women who are often burdened with a myriad domestic chores,” added Mr. Kubuabola.
“There are a number of primary and secondary schools located in the above project areas. With the availability of electricity, schools will have access to electric audio visual aid. Schools will be able to extend their syllabus to include power tools and other vocational studies", said Mr. Kubuabola.
Home study conditions for current school children will be vastly improved with the availability of electricity. With the developments in the area of Information Technology, it would bring about a totally different dimension to education and health services. On the same note, with the advent of Information Technology, schools and other potential home users will be introduced to a whole new world.
Mr Kubuabola was told that the project will be considered by the Board of the FDDF in its next meeting. The setting up of our Embassy here in Abu Dhabi this year would further enhance Fiji’s relations with the United Arab Emirates, especially in advancing projects such as this, which will mutually be beneficial for the two countries.
(Photo caption: Minister Kubuabola with Ms Fawzela Hamad Al Mubarak and officials.)