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Japan's Governor of Aichi Prefecture supports Fiji Promotion

Aichi123rd April, 2012: The Embassy of the Republic of Fiji in Japan recently visited Aichi Prefecture as part of its outreach program seeking greater engagement with the wider Japanese society. Ambassador Mataitoga first met with Governor Hideaki Ohmura of the Aichi Prefecture at the Governor’s office in the City of Nagoya on 21 March 2012. 

The purpose of the meetings was to pay respects as the political head of the Aichi Prefecture, to brief him on the initiatives of the Fiji Embassy will be exploring in Aichi Prefecture and seek the support and blessing of the governor.


The meeting was attended by several high level officials of the Aichi Government. Some of the issues discussed include the following:

How to increase Japanese visitors from Aichi to Fiji;

Business and investment opportunities;• Market opportunities for Fiji-Made goods in Aichi;

Better promotion of people/people exchange in all areas – cultural, sports, students etc.;

Promotion of sister relationship among municipal authorities.

Governor Ohmura thanked Ambassador Mataitoga for visiting him and noted that this is the first time that an ambassador from Fiji has called on his office. This is a good start and he was confident that Fiji/ Aichi Prefecture relations will grow from now on. He acknowledged that Fiji is not well known in Aichi Prefecture and he hope that this new initiative will start a new and positive changes in the relations of Fiji and Aichi, Japan. He noted that Ambassador’s visit will also facilitate a trade and investment seminar in collaboration with the Nagoya Chamber of Commerce and Industries and he supported this contact as critical to improving Fiji’s image in Aichi. 


After meeting Governor Ohmura, Ambassador Mataitoga had a meeting with Mr Jiro Takahashi, the Chairman of the Nagoya Chamber of Commerce and Industries and senior officials. The consultation generated meaningful discussions on prospects of exchanges in trade and investment particularly on identified potential areas for investment in Fiji. Prospects of people-to-people exchanges in various sectors were also discussed and will be further explored by the Embassy given the level of interest demonstrated at the consultation. 

The Embassy proposes to hold another Fiji Business Seminar in Nagoya, and look forward to further working together with the NCCI in identifying areas of interest for the Nagoya business people.

[Photo caption 1:Ambassador’s meeting with Governor Ohmura of Aichi Prefecture;caption 2:Ambassador presenting a gift to Governor Ohmura;caption 3: Ambassador with Mr Jiro Takahashi, Chairman Nagoya Chamber of Commerce and Industries]

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