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Ambassador Mataitoga promotes Fiji in Taketoyo Town, Japan

Taketoyo123rd April, 2012: HE Ambassador Isikeli Mataitoga during his recent visit to Aichi Prefecture had a meeting with Mr Yoshiteru Momiyama for courtesies and to introduce to the mayor initiatives that the Embassy has been undertaking.

Mayor Momiyama thanked Ambassador for visiting Taketoyo-town and for promoting close trade and investment cooperation, as well as people/people exchange between his town and the people of Fiji.

Mayor Momiyama and Taketoyo Town was the host municipality for the Fiji Delegation to the Japan Aichi Expo 2005. The Ambassador’s visit was intended to further deepen an already existing relationship between the town and Fiji.

Mayor Momiyama feels that there are opportunities for trade and people/people cooperation between Taketoyo and Fiji. The Mayor further expressed satisfaction in the noted initiatives that are currently being explored between people in Taketoyo town and Fiji, through the assistance of the Fiji Embassy in Tokyo. Since the EXPO 2005 Aichi, Japan, Taketoyo town has been known all over Aichi prefecture for its close ties with Fiji. Ever since, the mayor has always assured the Embassy for its support towards initiatives to increase trade and people/people exchange cooperation between Fiji and Taketoyo town. 


Ambassador Mataitoga notes the presence of the Chubu Electric Power Co., Inc. Japanese electric utilities provider for the middle Chubu region. Chubu Electric Power ranks third among Japan’s largest electric utilities in terms of power generation capacity, electric energy sold, and annual revenue. Communications to be undertaken by relevant parties in the near future was also noted. Given Fiji’s desire to replace fossil fuel with renewable energy, in particular bio-fuel, possibilities for this utility provider to invest in Fiji, should be explored. 

PEC Fund, as well as investment prospects in clean energy and climate change mitigation projects in Fiji using Japanese expertise and technology was also provided. Available aid for the Japanese business people through the assistance of the Japanese government and advices from MOFA, Tokyo was noted. 


The Embassy undertakes to provide necessary assistance to the Mayor and potential investors in Taketoyo town, in terms of advise and will facilitate connections with relevant sectors in Fiji.

Ambassador Mataitoga once again thanked Mayor Momiyama and the Taketoyo Town Hall officials for their presence and exchanges of information which will be a great boost to Fiji Embassy Tokyo’s effort in promoting Fiji to the people of Taketoyo town.

[Photo caption 1:Ambassador Mataitoga with Mayor Momiyama]

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