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Nagoya Business Men and Women Hear of Trade and Investment Opportunities in Fiji

Nagoya_business_men_AMb_Mataitoga_present__MR123rd April, 2012: The Fiji Embassy Tokyo with the official support of JETRO Nagoya conducted a 'Fiji Business Seminar' in Nagoya, Aichi prefecture on Wednesday 21 March 2012.

The seminar was attended by Japanese business representative in the Nagoya area. This was the very first ever seminar of this kind to be undertaken in Nagoya, the capital city of the Aichi Prefecture. The population of city of Nagoya is about 3.2 million people and it is second most important gateway for Japanese export trade to the world. 

Led by the HE Ambassador Isikeli Mataitoga, the seminar provided an overview of the investment climate and various incentives now made available in Fiji for foreign investors. The program is part of Embassy efforts to conduct trade and investment seminars in selected Prefectures around Japan. 

This seminar has allowed the Embassy to directly inform potential investors of the various investment opportunities now available in Fiji on a sector by sector basis and also facilitates a tremendous opportunity for potential investors to have direct consultations and question and answer sessions with the Ambassador.


The Embassy notes the strong interest expressed during the seminar for Fiji`s service sector, education, tourism related services, old age support services etc. The Embassy undertakes to provide necessary assistance to potential investors in terms of advice and will facilitate connections with relevant sectors in Fiji.

As a follow up to this first seminar, the Embassy is planning to work directly with the Nagoya Chamber of Commerce and Industries as a partners in deepening Fiji’s profile as a strong and viable sources of investment and a market for Fiji-made products.

[Top photo caption:Ambassador Mataitoga during the seminar;Left caption 2:(l-r) TIO Kelera, JETRO Nagoya Chief Director Mr Tozuka, Ambassador Mataitoga and Mr Kawabata following the seminar]

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