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Media Release

Minister Kubuabola farewells European Union Ambassador, Dr. M'Baye


17th April, 2012: Dr. Abdoul Aziz M'Baye, the European Union’s Ambassador to Fiji, was formally farewelled today at a lunch at Boron House, which was hosted by the Minister for Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Ratu Inoke Kubuabola.

In his address at the luncheon, Minister Kubuabola thanked Dr. M’Baye for his contribution to Fiji and the European Union.

“Congratulations Excellency on your new appointment. Fiji stands proud with you today because of this milestone achievement. Our country’s long relationship and friendship with the European Union, especially its continuous assistance to the development of our nation, is one which we are all indebted to,” said Minister Kubuabola.

“We wish you all the best in your new appointment and this lunch gathering is just a small token of our appreciation, for the services you have rendered for Fiji, in your capacity as the European Union Ambassador. We also wish you a safe trip home and we hope that you will visit Fiji again some day,” added Minister Kubuabola.

In his remarks, Dr. M’Baye thanked the Fiji Government and especially Minister Kubuabola for the support. He stated that the EU was a friend to Fiji and he wanted the EU to work with Fiji as it seeks to implement its Roadmap for Democracy.

“Fiji has to be allowed to develop its path according to its own processes,” said Dr M’Baye.

Dr. M’Baye added that “Fiji will also have a friend in Senegal as it seeks to develop its relations with Southern Africa.”

“Fiji is not only important because of its Mission that is based in Suva, but because of its global recognition as the 'Hub of the Pacific.' This fact makes Fiji the centre of the EU Program from where dissemination of programmes to the smaller island states would be reviewed and assessed for workability,” said Dr. Mbaye.

In this way, Fiji’s indicated timelines for return to democracy would be followed by the International Community closely and stands every likelihood of making Fiji an exemplary nation state in the near future.

Dr. M’Baye said that Fiji needs to be supported now that it has embarked on the road to General Elections in 2014.

He thanked his colleagues from the Diplomatic Corp and especially the Minister Kubuabola for having been a close colleague and host during his short stint in Fiji.

Dr. M’Baye leaves Fiji on Wednesday, April 18, 2012, to be Head of Cabinet at the Senegal’s President’s Office.

(Photo caption:Minister Kubuabola presenting a gift to Dr M'Baye)