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Media Release

Foreign Ministry brings Climate Change Message to Hibiscus Festival

PS_Mataikabaraedited17th August 2012: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs & International Cooperation will bring the message of Climate Change direct to the public during the Hibiscus Festival. The Ministry will have a Climate Change booth during the Hibiscus Festival and invite all individuals at the festival to visit our awareness booth.

Speaking about this outreach by the Ministry the Permanent Secretary for Foreign Affairs & International Cooperation Mrs. Saipora Mataikabara explained that, “Adverse impacts of climate change such as more rainfall leading to frequent flooding, sea-water inundation of villages; cultural sites, salt water intrusion of fresh water and increase in pests and diseases for crops and increase in diseases such as diarrhoea and typhoid are no longer myths inmost of our communities.

While the Government through its various Ministries/Departments and with support from the NGOs and Development Partners are implementing programs and projects at community level to assist them to adapt to the adverse impacts of climate change, there is an increasing demand to raise awareness among the general public on climate change related issues.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs & International Cooperation has partnered with most of the line Ministries/departments, NGOs, academia and volunteer groups to put a wide array of materials. During the one-week awareness, printed materials will be displayed, and related videos will be played for public viewing. Also from time to time the staff will be conducting short quizzes for which give-away prizes will be given.Other activities will include questionnaire surveys that the public can take part in.

We encourage people of all age and walks-of-life to visit our booth. Staff of Climate Change Unit will be present at all time during the opening hours to assist members of the public.”

From Monday – Thursday the booth will be open from 10am till 10pm and on Friday it will be open from 10am till 8pm.