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Media Release

JICA Global Plaza Exhibition January 2012: Fiji


14th January, 2012, Tokyo, Japan: The Fiji Embassy in Tokyo was invited by JICA in October 2011, to undertake a Fiji Trade Exhibition in their Global Plaza facility in Hiroo, Tokyo Japan from 5 January to 6 February 2012. With the support of Fiji businesses who provided the goods to be displayed at the Exhibition, it was opened last week and we are expecting an excellent exposure of Fiji made products as a result of this exhibition.

This is the first time the Embassy has been invited to take advantage of this excellent opportunity to exhibit ‘Fiji Made’ goods for the Japanese market. The exhibition space was provided free of charge and it is opportunity that the Embassy was excited to utilize. It also gave the Embassy to start 2012 in the right mode, as we will be shifting our priority focus towards trade and investment for Fiji.

In addition to the Embassy`s participation at the JICA Global Plaza Exhibition 2012 program, the Embassy will hold a Trade and Investment Seminar and Tourism seminars are scheduled as well. This is again underscoring the focus of the Fiji Government as set in the Prime Minister’s budget speech last November 2011.

On Friday 13th January, Tourism Fiji (Japan) Office Manager, Ms Iki Kawabata conducted a Fiji Tourism Seminar featuring Fiji’s fast growing Tourism Industry. More than 35 guests attended the seminar.

The Trade and Investment Seminar will be held on 25 January 2012 and invitees to this event include diplomatic mission’s representatives, Japanese business representative in Tokyo and Yokohama area. We are expecting this seminar be a success.

Another new outreach the embassy is doing as part of the exhibition is showcasing Fijian cuisine. The food served is cooked by chefs provided by JICA using recipe provided by us. This is part of cultural promotion through Fijian cuisine.

The Embassy notes the strong interest expressed during the seminar for interested guests who intend to visit Fiji, for leisure and studies.
The Embassy will also conduct a Fiji Trade & Investment Opportunities Seminar on Wednesday 25 January 2012. Fiji`s participation at the JICA Global Plaza Exhibition program will end on Sunday 5 February 2012.

(Photo caption: Made-in-Fiji Exhibition Corner, more photos available here)

Source: Embassy of the Republic of Fiji, Tokyo