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Prime Minister Christmas Message 2011


Christmas Message by

Commodore Josaia Voreqe Bainimarama

Prime Minister of Fiji


This is the time of year when I feel especially honored to have an opportunity to extend my best wishes and the best wishes of my family to all of you – to my fellow Fijians and friends who are visiting our beautiful country. It is a festive season, and I am always reminded of the special meaning of Christmas.

This is a time when families and friends gather together in warmth and happiness to remember the birth of Christ and the promises He brought to a troubled world – a world not unlike our own in this time with conflict and unrest. Always, and especially during the Holidays, we must be concerned with the welfare of our fellow man and ensure that all members of society experience the true spirit of the Christmas season.

Why this Holiday speaks so eloquently to us over the 2,000 years since Jesus’ miraculous birth, is because the message of peace and triumph over hardship is universal and so important to the kind of people we want to be. It speaks to people of all faiths—it rises above gender, ethnicity, nationality, and all divisive sentiments.

Beyond a miraculous birth, His life of compassion and love is a lesson for all of us – a path of life to which we must dedicate ourselves. As this year comes to an end, we as Fijians can look across our great and developing nation with a sense of accomplishment. Most importantly, we celebrate a shared humanity among all Fijians—from rural areas, to city centres, and throughout our many islands.

As we usher in the New Year, let us renew our commitment to the future of Fiji as a nation that will benefit from full social and gender equality; a nation that protects the welfare and livelihoods of all its citizens; and a nation that—united—moves to strengthen its economy and modernise along a progressive timeline.

We as a nation have accomplished many great things in 2011 and look forward to a Holiday season and a New Year filled with joy, steeped in hope, and surrounded by family.

Merry Christmas and a happy, blessed Holiday to everyone.

Source: Ministry of Information