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Media Release

Climate Change Negotiations Get Serious


Thursday 24th November 2011, Durban: The Association of Small Island States were in a closed door meeting all day today to finalise their positions heading into the full conference next week.

These negotiations started on Wednesday as the Pacific countries met and now onto the combined meeting of the small island states.
The day began with the grim news that carbon emissions have reached record levels this year, 2010. After having been fairly consistent for many years, there seems to have been a spike this year and is sending alarm bells for the COP 17 delegates. As a result the small island states were locked into discussions late into the afternoon. At the close of business around 7pm, the results of discussions were still not finalized. Reporting was postponed to Friday morning.

Most delegates stayed through till the close of business as there was a lot of emotion and interest to see the interest of their countries were accommodated in the common position.

The meeting of the various groups continue to Friday as the expanding alliances lobby for a common ground. There is much interest in the outcomes as whilst some countries consider it bread and butter issues as any cuts will affect their economies, other nations see it only as a matter of their very survival. The rising sea level will signal the end of some countries.

(Photo caption: Fiji bench at the Association of Small Island States meeting.)