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Media Release

Ministry's Open Day Well Received

Friday, 30th September 2011: The Ministry's participation in the PSC Open Day which commenced on Wednesday, 28th September in Suva was received very well by the public.

The Open day is an event where all Government Ministries take time to meet members of the public and explain their Ministry’s functions and activities.

For the Ministry, it was an opportunity to display the international dimension of the Ministry's work thus communicating and portraying the Ministry’s role as the “diplomatic door to and from Fiji”

Colorful flags of Fiji’s bilateral partners, and actual copies of international treaties which Fiji had signed were on display.

Informational banners and publications on the various Divisions of the Ministry and on international relations in general were made available to the public.

The staff were also available to attend to the public who visited the displays and sought out more information about the Ministry.


Some of the positive feedback received from the public who visited the displays were as follows:

“Very professional setup with very professional staff.”

“Very informative. Its nice for the public to know what the Ministry does. Vinaka.”

“Lovely music and informative experience. Thank you.”

“Very informative. Thanx, learn something new especially stamping of certificate before going overseas.”

“Firstly, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for expressing its daily activities to the public for awareness purpose. Especially the general public they want to know what is happening now and in the future. For good governance we need a full commitment by the people for the people. More awareness programme should be done in the future. Thank you.”

“I was deeply impressed by your Ministry’s continuous and unfailing effort in trying to educate the members of the public about the long and short-term benefits of obtaining cooperation of the international community. The gains in thus direction may appear insignificant but the long-term repercussions of such actions could be enormous. I salute your department on your desire to persevere in dus direction. May I wish you and the whole team every success in thus venture and hope that the fruits of such efforts will be felt by our generations to come.”

“The information provided was very informative and is an eye opener to students like me. Since I am taking economics, I think that what the government is doing right now is very significant to the people of Fiji in the development field. Wishing the foreign affairs team all the best in the future.”

The Ministry intends to invite Fiji's bilateral and multilateral partners to future displays.

(more photos available here)