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PNG Celebrate Fiji Day




PNG, 04 October 2011:Fiji Independence Day celebration in PNG started on Tuesday 04 October when Fiji women in Port Moresby, led by Mrs OfaTabunakawai hosted the monthly morning tea for the All Nations Women’s Group (ANWG) at the Gateway Hotel.

The ANWG is an organization for all expatriate women in Port Moresby consisting women of all nationalities and they hold monthly morning tea functions.  The ANWG was kind enough to give the opportunity for Women of Fiji to host this month’s tea and the opportunity to showcase Fiji to coincide our National Independence Day celebration.

The Fijian community put up a very impressive display and there was general appreciation and applaud all throughout the 2 hours programme. The women provided Fijian style tea with “babakau, vakalavalava, roti lolo, roti curry, purini, sikoni and vakalolo. There were also Fijian artifacts on display and Fijian cosmetics on sale. The women also displayed and explained the traditional Fijian mats’ setting (or dabedabe) followed by a traditional yaqona ceremony done by the men.

This function concluded with two “meke” displays, one by the women and one by the men and followed by the farewell song, “Isa isa vulagi lasa dina”, which brought many of the guests to tears. In the absence of High Commissioner His Excellency Dr. NiumaiaTabunakawai, who was away in a meeting in the Solomon Islands, Second Secretary Vilitati Mataitini gave the keynote address (speech available here).

(Photo caption:Second Secretary Mataitini delivering keynote address)


PNG, October 10, 2011:The main National Day celebration function was a Clean-Up campaign at Ela Beach, a popular beach near downtown Moresby.

High Commissioner Dr. Tabunakawai decided that for this year, “we would do something different. The clean-up campaign was to be our contribution to the community and that this would also bring Fijian citizens and families together for the effort.”

Invitations were extended to members of the diplomatic corp and the business community and the turn-up was indeed amazing and expressed support for the Mission, for the clean-up campaign and also brought our citizens together for a good cause. It was indeed a family atmosphere get-together for Fijian citizens and a good time as well to catch up with the expatriate Fiji community in Port Moresby, who turned out in numbers. (Speech available here)

(Photo caption:Indonesian ambassador Andreas Sitepu at the clean-up campaign. Click here for more photos)