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Media Release

New York Celebrate Fiji Day

New York, 12th October 2011:Fiji’s National Day was celebrated in New York yesterday at a gathering of diplomats, United Nations officials, business people and travel industry representatives.  The gathering took the form of a sit-down luncheon for 140 dignitaries, with the Fiji Day address being delivered by Ambassador Winston Thompson of the Fiji Embassy, Washington D.C.

The Fiji Day gathering was attended by the Acting President of the General Assembly, H.E. Jean-Francis Zinsou, along with Ambassadors from over one hundred countries.  Nine Member States of the Security Council were represented by their Ambassadors at the Fiji event.

In his national day address, Ambassador Thompson outlined Fiji’s Strategic Framework for Change and Roadmap to Democracy for General Elections in 2014. He confirmed that the Roadmap’s progress was on target and acknowledged the wide level of support that had been provided by members of the United Nations.  He said that Fiji remains firmly committed to the ideals of the United Nations and would continue to contribute to international peace and security, through ongoing provision of UN peacekeepers for the world’s trouble-spots.

The event was jointly organised by Fiji’s New York and Washington Missions, and the Los Angeles-based offices of Tourism Fiji, Air Pacific and the Fiji Trade Commission.  The Trade Commission mounted a foyer display showcasing Fiji premium products, including packaged food, spa products, mineral water, forestry samples and Fijian artifacts, while Air Pacific and Tourism Fiji advanced Fiji’s tourism industry with promotional displays.

Fiji Trade Commissioner Jitendra Singh, hosted a table of businesspeople at the luncheon, and networked with guests on possible opportunities for Fiji trade and investment, including with the Head of the UN’s Procurement Division.

Tourism Fiji and Air Pacific’s Regional Directors, Ili Matatolu, and Candy Andrus, hosted a tourism table at the luncheon for travel and media executives, and interacted with other guests on the subject of Fiji’s tourism attractions.  At the end of the luncheon, guests were given gift bags containing samples of Fiji products and information on Fijian trade and investment opportunities, along with tourism promotional brochures from Air Pacific and Tourism Fiji.


(Left-right:Ambassador W. Thompson, Permanent Representative of Brazil to the UN Ambassador M. Viotti, Ambassador P. Thomson)

(More photos may be viewed here)