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Media Release

Ambassador Mataitoga Spearheads Fiji Trade & Investment Seminar in Tokyo

22nd September 2011, Tokyo, Japan: The Fiji Embassy Tokyo conducted a Trade and Investment Opportunities seminar to a group of 24 businessmen and women being part of the CHIE NO WA KAI forum at the Arethusa Building, Shibuya, Tokyo on Tuesday 13 September, 2011.

The forum is part of a ‘think tank group’ of business men and women in Tokyo formed to exchange information on any field of business interest and opportunities. Led by Ambassador Mataitoga, the seminar covered a brief overview of the political, economic situations in Fiji, followed by a review of trading and investment opportunities in Fiji and the generous assistance package that the Fiji Government is providing to investors.

The seminar has allowed the Embassy to directly, inform CHIE NO WA KAI members of the various investment opportunities now available in Fiji on a sector by sector basis and also facilitated a tremendous opportunity for potential investors to have direct consultations and question and answer sessions with the Ambassador. The question and answer session that followed provided an excellent opportunity for seminar participants to raise specific issues of interest to them.

Ambassador Mataitoga challenged the participant to visit Fiji first as a tourist and also explore first-hand the trade and business opportunities being explained to them during the seminar. He offered the assistance of the Embassy to arrange visits for groups of investors who may be keen to take the next step in making their investment opportunity a reality.

The Fiji Trade & Investment Seminar series is an initiative of the Fiji Embassy in Tokyo, to reach out to target group of medium sized Japanese businesses with the message that Fiji is their next best investment opportunity. We have held four such seminars already, in Yokohama city, Tokyo Central, Osaka, Okinawa and now Shibuya City. In each of these seminar we try to identify target sectors for special emphasis, for example in Okinawa we stressed tropical fruits and vegetables as a real winner for Japanese investors from there to either set up farms in Fiji and export to Japan or undertake it with joint venture with local investors. Tourism sector is common sector we discuss, in all the seminars we hold, as well as the fisheries. Japanese investors are keen to explore agriculture produce from Fiji and we are trying to encourage them to visit Fiji first and finalise their exact plans with advise of relevant government agencies and to also have an appreciation of the country. 
The Embassy will facilitate contact with government agencies in Fiji and if requested, we will also identify potential Joint venture projects and partners for Japanese businesses. Since the seminar, the embassy has been received visits to the Embassy, from individual businessmen and women who attended the seminar seeking more detail information of investment opportunities of interest to them. Several have made appointments for early October, for their follow up consultations.


Photo inset:Kelera Savu, Embassy Trade & Investment Officer speaking at the Seminar


Photo inset:Ambassador Mataitoga with seminar participants