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Media Release

Fiji Takes Historic Step at UN Committee Meeting


NEW YORK, 23 JUNE 2011: At the annual meeting of the United Nations Special Committee on Decolonisation held today in New York, the resolution on the “Question of New Caledonia” was adopted without a vote. In adopting the resolution, the Special Committee on Decolonisation, otherwise known as the C24, took note of the conclusions of the 18th Session of the MSG Leaders Summit.

Members of the MSG were represented at the meeting by the Permanent Mission to the United Nations of Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu and Fiji. Also present at the meeting this year were two representatives of FLNKS and the Director of Political Affairs of the MSG Secretariat.

For the first time in the history of the resolution on the Question of New Caledonia, the C24 took note of the outcome of this year’s MSG Leaders Summit including its recommendations for the annual monitoring and assessment of the Noumea Accord. 

In introducing the resolution today, Mr. Daunivalu, Deputy Permanent Representative of Fiji to the United Nations, stated that the MSG Leaders’ decision to assist the decolonization process through annual monitoring and assessment of the Noumea Accord would complement the work of the C24 on the Question of New Caledonia.  He added that with the support of the French authorities, the people of New Caledonia will be also able to access the assistance that specialized agencies, other organizations of the United Nations system and international and regional organizations could offer to fully realize the Noumea Accord and the UN Decolonisation Declaration.

The MSG representatives acknowledged in their statements the modest progress that has been achieved thus far in the implementation of the Declaration and the Noumea Accord. They also highlighted the challenges that remain to be resolved. In their statements, the Permanent Representatives of PNG and Solomon Islands emphasized that a lot still needs to be done that require the concerted efforts of everyone concerned, including the UN system.

The MSG delegation held discussions in the margins of the C24 session with the Chair of the Committee, the UN Decolonisation Unit, France and UNDP to explore ways in which the MSG could more actively assist the process and to ensure that UN assistance is provided to New Caledonia.

The meeting of the C24 ends tomorrow.

(Photo caption: Mr. Daunivalu, Deputy Permanent Representative of Fiji)