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Media Release

Minerva Reef is within Fiji’s EEZ


June 14, 2011: The Government of Fiji today reiterates that Minerva Reef is within Fiji's territorial waters and any challenge to this widely accepted Fijian territorial maritime boundary must be directed to the United Nations dispute resolution mechanism in the International Tribunal on the Law of the Sea [ITLOS].

The Minerva Reef falls within the legal and internationally recognized border of Fiji. That fact has been endorsed through acquiescence by all Pacific Island countries over the years through acceptance of regional maritime maps issued by regional organizations like SOPAC, SPC, FFA and PIFS.

To this day, Fiji's international boundaries and Exclusive Economic Zone or EEZ has not changed from the one registered with the UN three decades ago. Any attempt to dispute this must be directed to the relevant international and legal bodies.

The Government of Fiji wishes to advice that it will meet with any claimant to any of its maritime boundaries to amicably resolve any dispute, failing which it will pursue all legal actions available under the United Nations legal framework.