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Media Release

Fiji will be hard to forget

June 09, 2011: Fiji will be hard to forget says the outgoing Peoples Republic of China’s ambassador to Fiji, His Excellency Dr Han Zhiqiang. He made the comments at a luncheon hosted by diplomats in Suva this week.

“Fiji will always be in my heart and I will never forget my experience with Fiji and her people,” he said.

“They welcomed me wholeheartedly and have been supporting me which made my work easier as a representative of another country.”

When asked if there were challenges he faced when carrying out his work Dr Han said “My work involved bringing together two nations – two friends and both countries reciprocated well and that is why Fiji is so close to China”.

“China is a true friend and this has been evident through the many development works done around the country and China will continue to do so in the future.”

Dr Han has been in Fiji for the past two years bringing in the much needed aid in terms of upgrading infrastructure works around the country.

He will return to China later this month before taking up his new posting.

“I will always come back not as an ambassador but as a tourist because I love the beaches and the friendly people of Fiji,” Dr Han said.

“Unfortunately it is very hard to say goodbye.”