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11th May 2011, Brasilia, Brazil: Permanent Secretary for Foreign Affairs and International Relations, Mr Solo Mara, continued meetings in Brasilia today with senior members of the Brazilian Ministry of External Relations  for discussions in the areas of bilateral technical cooperation, trade and tourism promotion and United Nations reform, peace keeping and elections.

Mr Mara received assurances from the Director of the Brazilian Agency for International Cooperation, Minister Marco Farani, of Brazil’s eagerness to extend to Fiji technical assistance in the areas of interest to Fiji, namely agriculture, transport and environment. In the spirit of South-South Cooperation, it is intended that Brazil and Fiji will work towards identifying and formalizing specific areas of assistance in the very near future.

Mr Mara also took the opportunity to meet with the Chief of the Department of Trade Promotion, Ambassador Norton Rapesta, to discuss the potential for growing and developing Fiji’s exports to Brazil. Towards this end, Ambassador Rapesta was confident that, once the Fiji Embassy is established, tourism and niche product promotion efforts would yield gainful results for Fiji.

Discussions with the Department of International Relations extended largely to United Nations issues of Security Council reform, peace keeping and upcoming elections, where a clear convergence of interest for both nations was evident. In voicing gratitude for Fiji’s support for Brazil in the UN, Minister Glivania de Oliveira, was optimistic that a closer working relations would be forged following the establishment of Fiji’s Mission in Brazil.

Permanent Secretary Mara is scheduled to continue the remainder of the week in site inspections for the Chancery and diplomatic residences.


Meeting with Brazilian Agency for International Cooperation


 Permanent Secretary Mara and Chief of Department of Trade Promotion, Ambassador Norton Rapesta

Permanent Secretary Mara and Chief of International Organisations, Glivania de Oliveira