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Media Release



Ratu Inoke Kubuabola, Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, met today, Friday 06 May 2011, with Mr. James Moran, Director of the Asia and Pacific Division of the European External Action Service.

The aim of the meeting was to provide Director Moran, new in his role as responsible for the Pacific, an update on Fiji’s political situation and to continue bilateral engagement with the European Union in this regard.

Minister Kubuabola congratulated Director Moran on the successful passing in the UN of the resolution recognizing the European Union, as well as the setting up of the External Action Service as the new interlocutor with Fiji, and expressed his hope that the Pacific would continue to be given sufficient attention within the Asia and Pacific directorate of the European External Action Service.

Discussing developments in Fiji, Director Moran said he was glad to hear of Fiji’s growing engagement with Indonesia, a country which has gone through an admirable process of democratic and electoral reform in the last ten years and which is best-placed to share its experiences with Fiji, and added that this would be an important relationship for Fiji to develop.

Minister Kubuabola provided an update on progress in the context of Fiji’s Roadmap to Democracy, highlighting important achievements in this context. Minister Kubuabola and Director Moran discussed these developments, and had a constructive exchange on what further steps will be required for the EU and Fiji to “get on with business as usual”, in the context of the appropriate measures renewed by the EU on 01 April 2011 and Fiji’s Roadmap to Democracy.

Director Moran affirmed that in the medium to long term, EU and Fiji need each other as strategic allies with a shared historical bond. He expressed his hope that initiatives taken in Fiji will lead to the progress needed, and reaffirmed the EU’s commitment to the Pacific region.

The meeting ended with hope expressed by both sides that they would be able to meet later in the year in the context of regional meetings.

(Photo caption: L-R: Ambassador Vocea, Head of Pacific Unit Mr. Ranieri Sabatucci, Minister Kubuabola, Director James Moran)