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Media Release


immiWith effect from Friday 11.03.2011 and with the necessary endorsement from the Solicitor General’s Office, the Department has begun renewing passports that expired in 2010 and those that have expired or will be expiring this year for a further period of two (2) years.

The renewal will be in the form of a typed endorsement on page 2 or page 4 of the passport that will read “The validity of this passport has been extended and will now expire on 14.3.2011”. The expiry date on the endorsement will of course vary depending on when the passport that is to be renewed had expired or will expire and below the endorsement will be the Passport Officer’s signature verified by an official stamp.

The requirements for the endorsement of expired passports are as follows:

  1. Completed Passport Application form
  2. One (1) Passport size photo
  3. Passport must be in acceptable condition for travel purposes
  4. Visa pages must be available
  5. Fee - FJ$55.00

The above fee is for endorsement purposes only for the two (2) years extension. However for those who have paid $76.00 for the issuance of a new book, the balance of $21.00 will be carried forward if they opt for endorsement and later reapply for a new passport. Original receipts must be submitted under this category.

This course of action is deemed necessary in light of the shortage of blank passports that the Department is currently facing and will be reviewed at a later date.


Nemani Vuniwaqa
Director of Immigration