6 - 17 November 2017  

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Media Release

Ambassador Mataitoga Advises Fiji Nationals In Japan

  1. The Embassy of Fiji is advising all its nationals living within 80 km of the Fukushima-Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Plant to relocate outside that zone. The Embassy’s advice received through daily briefings provided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Japan, to all diplomatic an...d International Mission representatives is, that there are no health risks posed at present from radiation levels outside the evacuation zone. The Government of Japan has declared a 50 km evacuation zone radius from the Nuclear Power Plant in question.
  2. From information now available to the Fiji Embassy there is no Fiji National within the evacuation zone. There were 3 possibly 4 in the Sendai/Iwate/Fukushima area and the Embassy confirms that they have all relocated outside the danger zones, mainly to Tokyo and have reported safe. The Embassy was in contact with a student/rugby player in Ibaraki Prefecture whose parents want him to evacuate to Fiji. The Embassy’s advice in this case is as stated above in paragraph 1. It should be noted that many other Fiji nationals have evacuated home based on their own decision. You do not need the Fiji Embassy approval to do that.
  3. In terms of contingency plans that the Embassy is working on; the Ambassador confirm that the Embassy have approached several airlines for charters to Fiji and given the small numbers of Fiji nationals in Japan and even if they are all evacuated, which is unlikely, the cost is far too high. It is cheaper to travel to Fiji through normal travel arrangements. The Embassy have also looked at Group Travel to reduce costs and with that arrangement unless there is a minimum number of say 40-50 the overall costs would not be cheaper than purchasing tickets normally.
  4. For those who are in Japan as rugby players or under private employment, if your employer has given you the right to evacuate to Fiji, you do not need the Fiji Embassy consent or endorsement again. It is a matter between you and your employer.
  5. The Ambassador stress however that even if there may be a Fiji Embassy evacuation arrangement in the future, the costs will be borne by each Fiji national participating in the arrangement, not Fiji Government.
  6. There are no plans at present to relocate the Embassy anywhere else in Japan.
  7. The Embassy continues to requests Fiji nationals in Japan to register your where about and contacts through the embassy website: under item ‘Fiji nationals in Japan’. Also on the same website under ‘Current News’ you may access the relevant Japan Government advise on radiation levels and other useful information.