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Media Release

Ministry Farewells Departing Diplomats


12th July 2012: Today the Ministry of Foreign Affairs & International Cooperation farewell new Heads of Missions for Papua New Guinea and the United Arab Emirates. They are High Commissioner Romanu Tikotikoca and Ambassador Robin Nair respectively.

In her speech the Permanent Secretary for Foreign Affairs & International Cooperation Mrs.Saipora Mataikabara stated:

As we all know we are here to bid farewell to our new Representatives to Papua New Guinea and

Abu Dhabi, Mr. Romanu Tikotikoca and Mr. Robin Nair. These Gentlemen need no introduction.  Their distinguished career in public service is something we are all aware off. Today however as we bid them good bye I wish to remind all of us here that we are all part of one body, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs & International Cooperation and by extension the Government and People of Fiji.

How well we do the tasks that have been allocated to each and every one of us directly impacts the whole. As the English poet John Donne said, “No man is an island.” We are all part of the one body. The success or struggles of one affects us all. It is therefore important that as we do our work we keep the big picture in mind. Here I am reminded of a story about when US President John Kennedy once visited NASA the American National Aeronautical Space Agency, the Agency responsible for space exploration. He came across a cleaner and asked him what his job was. The cleaner replied: ‘My job is to help to put a man on the moon.’ I hope all of us here will see our individual responsibilities in the same light. We are here to build, “A progressive Fiji through partnership with the International Community”, which is our Vision as a Ministry.

To our departing diplomats let me speak on all our behalf and assure you of our outmost confidence in you to do the work you have been called to do. Let me assure you also of our full support. With all of us working together as a Team I have no doubt we will, “advance and safeguard Fiji’s best interests through strong external partnerships and networking”, which is our Mission and in the process build a progressive Fiji, which is our vision.


The two diplomats leave in the next few days to begin their assignments. Meanwhile this morning Ambassador Robin Nair received his new commission as our Ambassador to the UAE from His Excellency the President.

(Photo caption: Mr. Tikotikoca speaking at the farewell lunch at the Foreign Ministry today. Mr.Nair to his left and PS Mataikabara to his right)