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Media Release

ACP-EU Joint Parliamentary Assembly (JPA) Mission Expresses Satisfaction with Fiji’s Move Towards Democracy


KUBUABOLA26th September 2012, Suva: The Bureau of the ACP-EU Joint Parliamentary, which met in Brussels on 20 September, deliberated on the report of the fact-find mission undertaken in July to Fiji, to assess the progress made by the authorities to return the country to constitutional order and parliamentary democracy. The mission visited Fiji from 22 to 24 July 2012 and held extensive and open discussions with Government Representatives and a wide range of political stakeholders, leaders of Political Parties and the two previous Prime Ministers, as well as civil society and non-state actor representatives.

The ACP and EU Parliamentarians on the JPA Bureau were satisfied with the mission outcome and expressed their support to the observations and recommendations made in the report.  

The report acknowledges that the process for the restoration of democracy depends on the people of Fiji themselves, according to their own social, economic and political priorities.

The Bureau remained confident that, the Fijian people can find solutions to the political issues that confront them and thus build a better society for present and future generations.

Commenting on the latest development the Minister for Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Ratu Inoke Kubuabola stated:

“I note that the Joint Bureau discussed the Report on Thursday 20 September and that the Report did not appear on the agenda for the standing Sub-Committee on Political Affairs last week.  This could mean that the Bureau has accepted this Report as is, without further deliberations.  We will have to ascertain whether it will appear in the agenda of the Political Affairs Sub-committee in Surinam where the Joint ACP-EU Plenary meeting will be held from 21-26 November, 2012.”  

“Overall, the report is positive, satisfactory and recognises the commitment government has demonstrated to continue along with the processes outlined in the Roadmap. The sentiments expressed by those opposing individuals alluded to in the report were expected, and the language in the report suggests to me that even these individuals recognise the practicality of the situation and the importance of proceeding towards elections in 2014.”

“Our Ambassador to the EU will be forwarding this report to the European Commission for its consideration and hope that its positivity will fast-track a complete change of perception, that has been so far coloured by the ANZ and PIF.” END.