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Media Release

Ambassador Thompson Addresses Senior US Security Officials

AMb_WThompson_address_US_Military10th July 2012: Fiji’s Ambassador to the US Mr. Winston Thompson recently addressed 19 US defense officials at the rank of Colonels and their civilian equivalents, who are studying at the US premier military training institution the Industrial College of Armed Force, National Defense University.

The Ambassador briefed the students on Fiji’s political and economic development, and on the recently published Fiji National Climate Change Policy. The group was scheduled to travel to Fiji on an environment study tour to spend 5 days here viewing firsthand the environment challenges we face.

Ambassador Thompson spoke on the genesis of Fiji’s economic and political progress including the Government’s development plan towards 2014 General Elections. He reiterated the Charter and the Roadmap that aims to achieve a truly democratic Fiji, and also reemphasized the fact that systemic problems in Fiji require political and economic restructuring, which will require reforms that are absolutely necessary to move the country forward.

On the National Climate Change Policy, Ambassador Thompson stated that Fiji is committed to playing its part in addressing the adverse effects of climate change globally. Climate change constitutes some of the greatest barriers to sustainable development with widespread and cross-sector effects, putting the biodiversity and ecosystems of countries at risk, especially marine and coastal. Consequently this has severe implications on Fiji’s economic development too with the country’s dependence upon natural resources for its primary industries of fisheries, forestry and agriculture. The development of policies in Fiji to address this concern reflects the growing awareness among island countries of the threats posed by climate change.