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Media Release

Foreign Ministry to Give the Public Ground Breaking Access to Services

4th November 2012: Members of the public will for the first time have the opportunity this week to interact directly in one location with staff of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and other Diplomatic Missions based in Suva.

The Ministry has invited other Diplomatic Missions based in Suva to join Staff of the Ministry at the Government Information and Referral Centre in Suva this week as the Ministry launches its public information campaign.

The campaign seeks to offer Foreign Missions in Fiji the opportunity to join the Ministry in outdoor events meant to highlight both the close bonds between Fiji and the international community as well as the mutual benefit their citizens enjoy on account of things they have in common. During the event, foreign diplomats based in Suva will tell visitors about the work of their Missions and services they provide to the people of Fiji.

The open day also provides an opportunity to the general public to get to know the Ministry from the inside and, above all, a chance to meet the people who are behind

Fiji’s engagement and operations in international relations. Foreign Ministry Staff will talk about the Foreign Service, a diplomat’s profession, about career opportunities at the Foreign Ministry, and explain foreign policy themes and actions. Visitors will also receive practical information about what to do when problems emerge while abroad. The Open Day will include exhibitions of documents and treaties of great historical significance.

The Referral Centre is located in the building that once housed the Fiji Visitors Bureau in Suva and will be open daily from 8am to 4pm Monday to Friday this week.