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Fiji UK Mission Spearheads Fiji Cultural and Investment Roadshow

Fiji UK Mission Spearheads Fiji Cultural and Investment Roadshow22 November 2012: Fiji's Mission in the United Kingdom led by High Commissioner Solo Mara has just completed a successful Fiji Cultural and Investment Roadshow in the UK. The Fiji Cultural and Investment roadshow was staged in five [5] separate venues from 21st October to 8th November around the UK and has regenerated a lot of positive interest amongst the estimated thirty thousand strong Fijian diaspora community towards the current development programs currently being implemented in Fiji. Positive reviews are being received from those who attended and those that watched it on social media network and highlighted the demand for authentic cultural performances showcasing traditional songs, dances and rituals.

This first cultural show featured the renowned Kadavu Choir, who were accompanied by 3 officials from the I-Taukei Ministry explaining the significant importance of retaining and showcasing our unique cultural inheritance that distinguish us a community/nation in this modern world. This was very relevant in our diaspora community who appreciated the cultural show for its value in showcasing our robust culture and at the same time heightening awareness of our unique cultural identity and values.

Fiji UK Mission Spearheads Fiji Cultural and Investment Roadshow1

The Ministry of I-Taukei officials also took the opportunity to register in the Vola Ni KawaBula more than 200 children born in the UK to I-Taukei parent[s].

The investment component of the roadshow also proved to be a resounding success with officials from FIRCA, BSP Life and Fijian Holding all recording significant interest in their products. This is expected to translate into increased remittance from the UK in the coming months

The Group visited London, Edinburgh, Birmingham, Stoke, Catterick and Tidworth Garrison Camps during the three weeks roadshow and in addition to enriching our nationals culturally also succeeded in supporting the work of Tourism Fiji and Air Pacific in promoting Fiji in two of the biggest tourist shows in Europe, the 4 day World Travel Market in London and the 2 day Dive Show in Birmingham. The cultural group also used the opportunity to showcase our unique culture on the world stage by participating in a live show at the BBC photoshoot on historical sites like Stonehenge.

The roadshow was made possible with the generous support and sponsorship from Tourism Fiji (UK), Air Pacific (UK), BSP Life, and Czarnikow (Broker for Fiji sugar in the UK).

(Photo caption 1: Group photo with High Commissioner Mara and Commanding Officer of Tidworth Garrison; caption 2: Group showcase their talent at Stonehenge as part of promotion organized by Tourism Fiji (UK))