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Minister Kubuabola Visits Fiji Embassy Abu Dhabi

Minister Kubuabola Visits Fiji Embassy Abu Dhabi

10th December 2012: Minister of Foreign Affairs & International Cooperation, Ratu Inoke Kubuabola paid a visit to Fiji’s Ambassador to the United Arab Emirates, H.E. Robin Nair and his staff at the newly established Fiji Embassy in Abu Dhabi on 9 December 2012 en route to Meetings in Morocco.

The purpose of the visit by Minister Kubuabola was to discuss the progress in the core functions of the Embassy since its opening on 2 September 2012.

Minister Kubuabola reminded the Embassy of the immense potential that UAE and the other Gulf Countries present to Fiji which the Embassy should be able to harness for Fiji’s development.

“I call on you to be proactive in your engagement with both, the public and private sectors of the countries that the Embassy is accredited to, to realize gains for Fiji”, he said.

He told them that they should always be cognizant that they all work for Fiji first and that the outcomes should be relevant to the needs of Fiji.

H.E Ambassador Nair briefed Minister Kubuabola on some of the key areas which the mission has been currently working on. These included the potential for movement of workers from Fiji to the UAE to work in sectors such as security, tourism, retail, health services industry and sea-faring. He advised the Minister that the Embassy had already started processing a request for more than 100 workers in security related industry and for a pilot project in sourcing hospitality workers from Fiji.

Ambassador Nair briefed the Minister on numerous discussions underway on securing potential investment and trade.

“I expect delegations to visit Fiji by, as early April next year, to look at investing in agriculture and tourism. A major supermarket chain in the UAE has already started discussions with potential suppliers of fresh agriculture produce.” he added.

Ambassador Nair also commented on the strength and success of the aviation industry in the UAE and Qatar and the possibilities of developing cooperative arrangements with some of the airlines in the region.  He noted the potential to develop Fiji’s tourism market in the region to diversify Fiji’s sources for tourists and the need for a greater presence of Tourism Fiji in the region.

“The embassy has already begun talks with the UAE authorities on providing a reciprocal arrangement to provide visas on arrival for Fiji nationals to reciprocate Fiji which allows UAE citizens to receive visas on arrival.” Ambassador Nair said.

Minister Kubuabola encouraged the Embassy of Fiji to reach out to other countries in the region that have massive potential for investment, such as Qatar and Kuwait.

The Minister encouraged the staff to continue to work in the best interest of Fiji and commended them for the organization of the office facilities in such short duration since its inauguration.

(Photo caption: Minister Kubuabola with Staff of Fiji Embassy Abu Dhabi)