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Ambassador Vocea calls on the ACP Council to adopt a resolution on EC’s proposal for autonomous tariff quota for tuna loins




Amb Vocea

Speaking on a recent European Commission proposal for an autonomous tariff quota for the import of a range of fisheries products including tuna loins for the period 2013-2015, Ambassador Vocea expressed serious concerns expressed by a number of ACP exporters.

The autonomous tariff quota is normally applied when the Commission feels that there will be a shortage of supply in the EU market.  For the last three-year period, the Commission had obtained an autonomous tariff quota for tuna loins for 15,000 tonnes at 6% duty.  However, for the next three-year period, the amount likely to be approved by the Commission will be 22,000 tonnes at 0% duty.  Such a proposal will render the tuna loins from ACP suppliers uncompetitive and will adversely affect ACP operators.

Ambassador Vocea said that the ACP side had proposed to the Commission that whilst it was prepared to accept the increase to 22,000 tonnes, the quota should at least be subjected to a 6% duty in order to preserve a level playing field for the ACP.
Ambassador Vocea accordingly called on the ACP Council to adopt a resolution on autonomous tariff quota urging the EU to accept the ACP proposal.

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11 December 2012