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Media Release

Ambassador Ratu Tui Actively Promotes Agricultural and Fishery Cooperation


5th July, 2012: Fiji’s Ambassador to Indonesia Ratu Tui Cavuilati and his Team have been actively promoting agricultural and fishery cooperation between Fiji and Indonesia.

Ambassador Ratu Tui and Second Secretary Pauliasi Tokasaya recently met with the Deputy Director for Bilateral of the Center for International Cooperation of the Indonesian Ministry of Agriculture Mr.Yusral Tahirto to discuss matters relating to an MOU between Indonesia and Fiji’s Ministries for Agriculture. A MOU was signed in May 2005 but now needs review.

As a result of discussions in Jakarta between Fiji and Indonesia a delegation of the Indonesian Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries (MOMAF) also visited Fiji from the 4th to 8th June and met with stakeholders including the Permanent Secretary for Foreign Affairs & International Cooperation Mrs. Saipora Mataikabara. The objectives of the visit were to discuss areas for collaboration which could constitute elements of an MOU between the Ministries and to assess the feasibility of seaweed processing.

Indonesia3Meanwhile in Indonesia Ambassador Cavuilati recently visited a ‘star-fruit’ farm and a ‘women’s star-fruit processing center’. Other women projects visited include a ‘sewing group’ and ‘kindergarten shop’ run by women and whose products (children’s learning/teaching aids and toys, etc.) were produced by the young people of the area concerned. The initiatives and the concept by the Indonesian Ministry for Women in conjunction with the Ministries for Agriculture, SMEs and Cooperatives jointly provides useful lessons for adaptation by their Fijian counterparts.

(Photo caption 1:With Mr.Yusral Tahir (left of Ambassador;caption 2:Indonesian MOMAF delegation with PS Mataikabara;caption 3:AMB and Mrs. Cavuilati visiting the star fruit farm)