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Media Release

Ambassador Cavuilati presents credentials to ASEAN Secretary General


26th June, 2012: Ambassador Cavuilati today presented his credentials to the Secretary General of the Jakarta-based ASEAN Secretariat, Dr Surin Pitsuwan. The ceremony marks another milestone in the Fiji Government’s Look North Policy taking Fiji closer into the axis of the 10-member Grouping of vibrant democracies and economies. 

The establishment of the Fiji Mission in Jakarta in April 2011 is pursuant to Government’s overall desire to engage with like-minded friends in the broader international community.  By virtue of such investment into the heart of ASEAN, probably the most successful inter-governmental organization in the developing world today, Fiji has secured for herself opportunities for further cooperation in the economic, social, cultural, technical, educational and other fields with the 10 members of the Group, each with her own unique strengths and characteristics. The formalisation of such a relationship with the ASEAN Secretariat is a step in the right direction in keeping with Government’s commitment to engage and be participatory in regional as well as multilateral institutions in the spirit of the UN Charter to which Fiji is a party.

The opportunity with the Secretary General afforded Ambassador Cavuilati time to brief on Fiji’s political developments in particular the roadmap to the formulation of a new Constitution by early 2013 and the general elections by September 2014.

A brief on Fiji’s economy was also provided as part of Government’s broader Roadmap. Further, at the UN level and in the spirit of Fiji’s Look North Policy, as an active member of the Pacific Small Islands Developing States (PSIDS), Fiji has been instrumental in aligning PSIDS to where it matters most for them given their smallness, the Asian Grouping.
The Secretary General in his response welcomed the significant developments so far made in Fiji towards parliamentary democracy in 2014, and was also encouraged by the gradual strengthening of the Fijian economy having noted from a previous visit Fiji’s unique position as a leader in the region. He expressed the hope that ASEAN’s development and  dynamism as a region as well as its significant contribution to the global economy will have its positive spin-offs to the region’s Pacific neighbors including Fiji. He encouraged the Ambassador to engage and to use the Secretariat’s services and associations to forge closer ties with ASEAN’s membership and project Fiji’s aspirations.
Fiji now becomes the 64th accredited member and will have her flag hoisted at the Secretariat Headquarters from today.
Ambassador Cavuilati was accompanied by Second Secretary Pauliasi Tokasaya for the Presentation.