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Media Release

Ambassador Nair presents Credentials to President of Seychelles

The first Ambassador of Fiji to Seychelles, Mr. Robin. Nair, presented his credentials to President James Michel at State House on Tuesday 13 of May 2014.
President Michel said he welcomed Fiji's decision to establish closer ties with Seychelles.

"We are members of the same family of small island states and it is important for us to work together, especially in the promotion of the blue economy in the world development agenda," said President Michel during the meeting.
After the accreditation ceremony Ambassador Nair told the national media that Fiji and Seychelles have many commonalities, around which a good partnership can be built.

"We have a lot in common and there are meetings coming up of Small Island Developing States in Samoa, and the Pacific Small Island Developing States in Fiji, where we are going to discuss more of our commonalities; we want to have a voice in the international sphere, so that they recognize our distinct needs and requirements. So putting the island countries together as one voice and having strong regional and international fora, having space for our voice, is very important. And that is why I am here, to share the friendship and the kinship that we have with the Seychelles. My President and my Prime Minister are very keen for us to develop this relationship further,” said the Ambassador.
Ambassador Nair noted that both Seychelles and Fiji have a vibrant tourism industry, and that Fiji is interested to cooperate in this area and share experiences.

The Ambassador also noted that Seychelles relies on foreign workers in its hospitality industry as the country has a small population and limited resources in employment.

"Our people have a nice flair for hospitality, they are very good at it and so I was asking your President and your Foreign Minister, to see if we can build a relationship around that, to see if we can send our Fijians to work in the hospitality industry, we can work on an agreement on human resources," said the Ambassador.
He said there was also an opportunity for Fiji's retired teachers to help Seychelles in the education sector, similar to the program Fiji does with its Pacific Island Country neighbors in our region. He added that “we have very good and experienced retired teachers, retiring at the age of 55”. Both have education systems based on the British schooling model and Fiji can help with the shortages faced by Seychelles.

The President, the Vice President and the Foreign Minister of Seychelles endorsed in their meetings with the Ambassador, the two proposals with great interest.

The President of Seychelles informed the Ambassador that he had nominated Minister for Environment and Energy, Dr. Rolph Payet to represent Seychelles at the forthcoming Pacific Islands Development Forum Summit in Nadi in June and to speak on the need for the world to work on the sustainability of the blue economy on which all islands communities depend.  He also hoped that the Minister may carry forward the discussions with the Ambassdor.
Ambassador Nair was also informed that Seychelles will be accrediting a non-resident Ambassdor to Fiji shortly.