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Fiji’s Honorary Consul in Busan Appointed


July 28, 2014

Regional Workshop on Radiological Impacts of Nuclear Discharges

Suva- A weeklong workshop on monitoring the radiological impacts of nuclear discharges to the Pacific marine ecosystem is currently underway in Suva.

Participants from the region converged in the Capital for the International Atomic Energy Agency regional training course.

Opening the workshop, Agency's national liaison officer Esala Nayasi encouraged the participants to learn as much as possible from the opportunities, expertise and technical support that they could access in the monitoring of the impacts of nuclear discharges into the region and ecosystems.

Mr Nayasi said the workshop would assist them gauge their understanding of the roles and functions of the Agency in protecting their environment and people.

That he said would help them achieve national sustainable development goals.

Mr Nayasi told the regional participants that the collaboration between the Agency and the Government of Fiji as well as the region was growing.

"It is anticipated that the region will benefit immensely from the expertise of an assistance by the Agency in the area of nuclear science and health technology.

"The Fijian Government has taken necessary steps to ensure that its interests are well advanced with the IAEA," said Mr Nayasi.

In June the Governnent has approved Fiji's membership of the Regional Cooperative Agreement.

That agreement once implemented will enable Fiji to also take advantage of regional programs and projects.

Earlier this year, a six member team from Fiji visited the Agency headquarters in Vienna.

Mr Nayasi said as part of the visit, the team collectively drafted national concept notes on the sectors of health specifically in areas of radiology and cancer oncology, agriculture specially on eradication of fruit flies and coastal protection.