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Media Release

Dual Citizenship ceremony in Canberra

Aug 25, 2014

Canberra- Around 30 former Fiji citizens living in Australia last week celebrated their naturalization and regaining of their Fijian citizenship in a moving ceremony in Sydney.

Charge d'Affaires Cheryl Brown- Irava and Consul General Losana Ravuso congratulated those dual citizens in a special ceremony in Sydney.
This is the first time such a celebration is accorded to those celebrating their naturalization.

Normally Mrs Ravuso would congratulate the individual applicants once their Fijian citizen is regained.
But for this month, 35 citizenship certificates were received from Fiji and the Fiji Mission in Australia felt it deserved a celebration.

Dual citizenship came into effect on April 10 2009 allowing Fijian diasporas living overseas and who have lost their Fijian Citizenship to return home and invest or retire gracefully.
Since then, the office has been involved in various activities promoting dual citizenship throughout New South Wales.
The office continues to promote this through mobile offices, strategic event partnerships within the Fijian community in NSW, pocket meetings, talanoa sessions and facilitations for Fiji Immigration in Sydney.
By far more than 100 dual citizenship applications have been submitted by the Fiji Mission to the Department of Immigration in Fiji.