6 - 17 November 2017  

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Media Release

Indonesia and Fiji to put MOUs into action

Jakarta, November 14- SENIOR government officials from Fiji and Indonesia have discussed potential areas they could explore to strengthen their bilateral relations which would benefit their very own people.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs Permanent Secretary Amena Yauvoli met with Indonesian counterpart Dr Darmansjah Djumala in Jakarta yesterday in their second Consultative Policy Dialogue that was agreed upon during the visit of former President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono last June.

The two senior officials discussed bilateral issues ranging from foreign, regional development in the South Pacific region, inter regional cooperation and the way forward. Those included issues such as training, people to people contacts, trade and maritime issues.

Indonesia's maritime axis fits in well with Fiji's desire to develop its marine and fisheries resources as basis for uplifting the standard of living of the people that Government serves.

The two senior officials mapped out a strategy that the officials from both governments would be following until their next meeting in Fiji next August.

Mr Yauvoli believes that Fiji has a lot to learn from Indonesia with its foreign policy of being active and independent.

He said that such dialogue was important given that whatever they plan were aimed at improving the livelihood of people in their countries.

Given that Fiji has just come out of a successful general elections, Mr Yauvoli said it was important that we pick a leaf or two out of Indonesia's foreign policy of being active and independent.

Dr Djumala said it was important that they put these plans into action.

He said that the onus was on them to implement the way forward in the highest and concrete level.

Dr Djumala said the two Foreign Ministeries would have to would make it their priority to see that the several Memorandum of Understanding signed in Nadi last June were implemented and would materialise into actions.

The second Policy Consultative Dialogue also sets the stage for more concrete programs to be developed including the implementation of the various MOUs signed so far including those signed in June this year during the State Visit by former President Yudhoyono.