6 - 17 November 2017  

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Media Release

Fiji and Indonesia focus on Maritime issues

Jakarta, November 14- Fiji and Indonesia have acknowledged that their cooperation in addressing their common maritime issues will assist them in escalating their future bilateral relations to greater heights and importantly deliver for the people in their respective countries.

Among other things discussed in during the second consultative policy dialogue in Jakarta last week between Ministry of Foreign Affairs Permanent Secretary Amena Yauvoli and Indonesia's Ministry of Foreign Affairs Director General Policy Analysis and Development Agency Dr Darmansjah Djumala, the discussion revolved around maritime issues both countries were experiencing.

Indonesia is located between the Indian Ocean and the vast Pacific Ocean while Fiji is the hub of the largest ocean in the world.

Fiji is already the maritime axis in the Pacific region while Indonesia is aiming to be the global maritime axis of the 21st century.

The two officials realized that Indonesia like Fiji, have strategised to capitalize on its geostrategic location as an archipelago state.

That included sustainable development of their fisheries to mainstream economic benefits for who can not afford decent living.

It is also extended to higher state to state level, capitalisig on their geostrategic location as regional hub in the area of shipping routes and security related agenda.

The two officials discussed that Fiji and Indonesia can work together to create greater cooperation in this area.

Mr Yauvoli said that Fiji and Indonesia have much in common in the maritime sphere.

He said that one of the outcomes of their dialogue was setting the wheels into motion where they could collectively work towards more detailed plans of action for the short, medium and long term.

This consultation is a follow up to the visit by former President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono last June.

This is also the first consultation after the successful September elections and the presidential election in Indonesia.

A lot has been achieved politically by the two countries ever since that high level meeting in Nadi earlier this year.