6 - 17 November 2017  

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Media Release

Fiji- Brazil relations strengthened

Brasilia, December 17- Amena Yauvoli, Fiji’s Permanent Secretary for Foreign Affairs, met with his counterpart from the Brazilian Ministry of External Relations in the capital city of Brasilia today.
In his first visit to the Headquarters of Brazilian foreign affairs office, Mr Yauvoli held consultations with the Ministry’s Secretary General, Eduardo Dos Santos. In their discussions, Mr Yauvoli expressed the appreciation of the Fijian Government for the support provided to the Embassy of Fiji in Brasilia since it was opened in 2011, as well as the current bilateral arrangements that have been established between the two countries.
Bilateral arrangements between the two have seen Fijian officials undertaking training and educational visits to Brazil as well as scoping visits to Fiji by Brazilian officials. With its specialization and expertise in the agriculture sector, several Fijian officials have had the opportunity to learn from Brazilian production capabilities in cassava, tilapia and tropical foods.
In response to the invitation to visit Fiji, Secretary General Dos Santos indicated that it would be appropriate that he undertakes such a visit. Exchange visits at the senior officials level will ensure that policy dialogue on important bilateral issues are held and implemented. In addition, Do Santos informed the Permanent Secretary that Brazil remains open to establishing a Mission in Fiji and will need to complete its internal processes in that regard.
Among other issues of bilateral concern that were discussed, Mr Yauvoli expressed the hope that visa arrangements between the two countries would be finalized soon to allow Fijians to travel more easily to Brazil. With the Olympic Games to be hosted by Brazil in 2016, such visa arrangement would greatly facilitate the attendance by Fijians at that global event. Discussions between the two Ministry heads underscored their willingness to finalise the Spousal employment arrangement, which will facilitate the gainful employment of spouses of diplomats during their posting.
Mr Do Santos assured Permanent Secretary Yauvoli that Brazil is keen to strengthen their partnership with Fiji, with South-South Cooperation as a core tenet, as well as closer relations in the multilateral settings. 
Yauvoli was accompanied to the meeting by Fiji’s Ambassador to Brazil, H.E. Cama Tuiloma, and Deputy Secretary Foreign Affairs, Luke Daunivalu.