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Media Release

Angolan President receives Fiji's Ambassador


15th June, 2012: At a ceremony on Tuesday June 12th, the President of Angola, Jose Eduardo Dos Santos, received the Credentials of Fiji’s non resident Ambassador, Mr Ben Salacakau. The ceremony was held at the Presidential Palace in Luanda, the capital of Angola.

In handing over his credentials, Ambassador Salacakau, extended the greetings of Fiji’s Head of State, the Prime Minister and the people of Fiji. In turn President Jose Eduardo Dos Santos expressed a desire to get to know Fiji better as in Angola there is little known about our country. Ambassador Salacakau also took the opportunity to present a brief on Fiji. The brief contained the facts on Fiji as well as the Charter and the Roadmap towards elections in 2014.

In a brief meeting afterwards, President Dos Santos expressed a desire to increase cooperation and relations in Fiji, offering to explore options on trade, technical and cultural cooperation. His comments were very timely as Ambassador Salacakau had introduced to the Minister for Foreign Affairs a draft on a General Cooperation Agreement. It now means that pursuing this further will be easier as already the ground has been broken for its endorsement later.  Ambassador Salacakau was accorded the full honour of Police escort, guard of honour and the opportunity to meet with all the Ministers of the Government.

Angola has picked itself quickly from the ravages of a civil war that lasted many years,after only a little over 10 years of independence and peace, the ravages of war and resettlement. Barring a few problems, it is now poised to become a powerful economic force in a few years.

It is a booming oil exporting nation, currently producing about 2 million barrels a day. There is construction everywhere. Apart from oil, there is diamond and many other minerals as well as a strong agricultural sector. Fiji would be well placed to continue to build on the relationship that has now been forged.

(Photo caption: Ambassador Salacakau, President Dos Santos and Minister for Foreign Relations.)

Report from HC Salacakau