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Media Release

Permanent Secretary Mataikabara speaks at Bula Indonesia 2012

Bula_Indonesia_20127th June, 2012: The Permanent Secretary for Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Ms Saipora Mataikabara, today represented the Government and the Ministry on the occasion of the “Bula Indonesia 2012”, at the MHCC Shopping Centre, Suva.

Fiji and Indonesia enjoy cordial and friendly relations since formal diplomatic relations was established some 38 years ago in 1974.

In her opening address at the occasion, Ms Mataikabara congratulated the Honourable Ambassador of Indonesian Embassy, MrAidil Chandra Salim and his Mission staff for once again hosting the 3-day Trade and Cultural Exhibition event the “Bula Indonesia 2012”.

“We are indeed privileged in Suva to experience the sights and sounds of traditional Indonesian dances and arts and to sample some of the vast range of delicious regional cuisine, originating from Sumatra to Celebes”, said Permanent Secretary Mataikabara.

“The diversity of culture is a fundamental characteristic of the Indonesian archipelago of over 18,000 islands stretching across 5,000 kilometers between the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. This vast space understandably translates into 245 million people with a diversity of 500 ethnic groupings and languages, customs, traditions and beliefs. Their astounding ability to peacefully co-exist is something which Indonesians can be proud of. And something that Fiji can definitely learn from as it strengthens its bilateral relations with Indonesia”, said Ms Mataikabara.

Areas of cooperation have further strengthened between Fiji and Indonesia since the opening of the Fiji Mission in Jakarta in 2011 with an immediate signing of a Development Cooperation Agreement thereafter.

Continuous enhancement of mutual trust deepening the two countries mutually beneficial cooperation will continue to achieve results from social and cultural events such as BULA INDONESIA.

“Such events promote harmony because of its capacity to teach us to understand our differences, to learn more about each other, to understand each other better and affirm our common humanity”, the Permanent Secretary adds on.

The Permanent Secretary was grateful to the Government of Indonesia through the Indonesian Mission in Suva for hosting this magnificent event and looked forward to the performances and festivities here today and many more successful events such as this in the future.

The hallmark event marks a symbol which will continue to build closer and deeper relations between the two countries.