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Media Release

KOICA relocates to Fiji

July 27, 2015
The KOICA (Korea International Cooperation Agency) overseas office for the Pacific
region will be relocated to Fiji from the Solomon Islands in early next year.

This was confirmed by the Vice-President of KOICA Mr. Sung-Ho, Choi at a meeting
with Foreign Minister Ratu Inoke Kubuabola at the KOICA head office in Seoul ROK.
He said that the move will bring about more cooperation and development assistance
including the revival of the KOICA experts and volunteers schemes.
“There will be increased cooperation between KOICA and Fiji in terms of technical
assistance and human resources development particularly in climate change health,
education, food security and disaster management,” he said.
He also encouraged open and frank dialogue between the two countries to ensure
cooperation and ODA support is targeted and effective based on national needs and

In response, Hon. Minister Ratu Inoke expressed his sincere appreciation on KOICA’s
contribution to the Government and the people of Fiji and will facilitate all necessary
process required for smooth and efficient transfer.
“We indeed are honored to welcome KOICA in Fiji and we will do our best to ensure
constructive and meaningful cooperation that are mutually beneficial to both
countries,” he said.

The Minister also thanked KOICA for the implementation of the key outcomes of the
ROK-Pacific Island Countries cooperation framework.
He also extended invitation to Vice-President Choi to participate in Pacific Island
Development Forum (PIDF) as well as the reopening ceremony of KOICA overseas
office in Fiji.

Projects currently undertaken by KOICA in Fiji include scholarships for graduate
studies, public health, immigration and boarder control, disaster management and
climate change.