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Media Release

Foreign Ministry Increases CDM Project Visibility

CDM8th June, 2012: Fiji successfully raised the international visibility of its Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) Projects through its successful participation at CARBON EXPO — the world’s leading international trade fair and knowledge sharing platform for carbon investments, and clean technologies, organized by the World Bank, the International Emissions Trading Association and Koelnmesse which took place in Cologne, Germany from 30th May to 1st June.

A total of 199 exhibitors from 67 countries attended CARBON EXPO. More than 2,500 people with 84% foreign visitors participated in plenary sessions and workshops, as well as in over 40 side events on subjects ranging from challenges to implementing projects in developing countries, reform of the Clean Development Mechanism(CDM), and new market mechanisms.

The Carbon Expo presents Fiji with an opportunity to showcase Fiji as an attractive destination for Clean Development Mechanisms projects and the voluntary carbon market. In addition to showcasing Fiji, Carbon Expo 2012 provided the country with the opportunity to attract carbon finance to develop climate-friendly projects and to encourage the transfer of cutting edge technologies and know-how.

Fiji has huge potential for carbon market projects that provide sustainable development benefits. These projects range from renewable energy, to solid waste land fill recovery, to reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation.

While Fiji is one of the world’s lowest greenhouse gas emitters, it faces some of the worst effects of climate change, among them the most important is threat of complete submersion of its low-lying islands. Climate change and rising sea levels pose a direct threat to our agriculture and tourism sectors.

The threats of such severe consequences of climate change have prompted the Fijian government to take significant measures to mitigate greenhouse-gas emissions. Fiji ratified the Kyoto Protocol in 1998 and has appointed the Permanent Secretary for Foreign Affairs & International Cooperation as its Designated National Authority (DNA) under the Kyoto Protocol, thereby supporting the implementation of investment projects in Fiji under the CDM that will lead to the reduction of greenhouse gases regulated by the Kyoto Protocol. A Fiji Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) Policy Guideline has been developed and is intended to act as an aid in administering, managing, facilitating and controlling CDM Processes in Fiji.

The energy sector is a major source of greenhouse gas emissions in Fiji, with emissions dominated by the transport and energy industries. Fijian mitigation efforts for GHG reduction are therefore targeting the following sectors: Electricity; Energy Efficiency and Conservation; Waste Water/ Sold Waste Management; Biofuel usage in Transport: and Rural electrification.

Fiji has an economy and GHG emission reduction potential bigger than most other Pacific Island Countries, it is also a front-runner in CDM implementation.   Fiji has two registered CDM projects. Its first project, Vaturu and Wainikasou Hydro Projects, was registered as a CDM project in October 2005. The other registered project is sewage treatment project and registered in 2011. A third project is also a hydropower project and still at the validation stage.

The Ministry thanks UNEP for making possible Fiji’s participation under its Clean Development Mechanism Capacity Building Programme.

Fiji was represented at the EXPO by the CDM Project Officer with the Climate Change Unit, of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Mr Manasa Katonivualiku, and the Ministry’s Deputy Secretary Mr Penijamini Lomaloma.

Fiji CDM Projects showcased at the EXPO include the following:
•    Qaliwana Hydropower Project
•    Methane Capture and Flaring at Naboro Landfill, Fiji
•    Fiji Tourism Energy Efficiency Investment Project
•    Biogas Cogeneration
•    Sewerage Treatment
•    National Grid-connected Hydropower
•    Tropik Biomass Power Generation Project

(Photo caption: L/R: Vanuatu Climate Officer Benjamin Jesse with Manasa at the Fiji/Vanuatu booth)